Live online Zoom classes are the perfect option if you want to quickly build conversational skills and confidence while socializing with other students. They are convenient, cost effective, and interactive.
My classes are 100% Conversational! We will talk about various topics in our sessions (technology, business, science, politics, culture, etc). You will learn to “ think in English” and “feel ” the correct way to speak in English. Practice the correct ways to express yourself in different situations in English through role playing and discussions on contemporary topics.

How will you study?

The course includes 8 hours of classes per month (2 lessons per week, 60 minute each). All classes are held on Zoom. The schedule will be finalized later. There are up to 5/6 students with the same English Level in a group.

N.B. I totally follow The Callan Method of teaching (it’s a direct method created specifically to enhance your comprehension and speaking abilities in a pleasant but intensive atmosphere).

Our Goal!

My idea is to create a community for all English Learners. I want you to speak English fluently and overcome all your language barriers. What’s more, I really want to provide opportunities to enjoy English Classes with me at an affordable price.

I’ll contact you to schedule a date and time. All your communications with me will be held in English. You’ll get to know more about my methodology. I’ll also assess your English level and give you recommendations

Join the Club!

Some very good reasons to subscribe Today: 

  • Social and community building benefits (cooperation)
  • Increased motivation
  • Learn English skills to easily handle a wide range of common situations
  • Master exercises to improve your habits and ability to think in English

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